full-circle crossed hearts in sterling silver toe rings
Crossed heart design in sterling silver.
sized toe ring in sterling silver florentine pattern
Picture  you in the ocean -- this .925
sterling silver ring will remind you of
your favorite vacation.
sterling silver hawaiian designed sized toe ring
Sterling silver Hawaiian, with
delicate plumeria blossom
hammered full-circle narrow silver toe ring
Hammered narrow silver, looks lovely
in a set or by itself.
sized bold silver wide sterling silver toe ring
A bold statement with a
wide .925 sterling silver
sized small patterned modeled toe ring in sterling silver
Small pattern intricately woven in
sterling silver.
sterling silver sized braided toe ring
Tasteful, comfortable ring in .925
sterling silver. Great staying power.
free form sterling silver full-circle toe ring
Open-weave sterling silver
free form ring for girls with
tasteful elegance.
narrow sterling silver braid in sized toe ring
Narrow dimensional silver braid in
sterling silver..
full-circle 4-mm solid sterling silver toe ring
A 4-mm wide sterling silver
ring -- so pretty you can
wear it for years.
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Sterling silver bold band
Sterling silver freeform
Sterling silver braid
Sterling silver 4-mm
Sterling silver narrow braid
Sterling silver hammered narrow band
Sterling silver crossed hearts
Sterling silver small pattern
Sterling silver Hawaiian
Sterling silver florentine