waves in full-circle sterling silver toe ring
bold sterling silver sized toe ring
.925 Sterling silver sized rings
Narrow full-circle sterling toe ring
Wide sterling silver full-circle toe ring
Hammered narrow silver, looks lovely
in a set or by itself.
Narrow sterling silver, looks great in
nested with other ring combinations.
Sterling silver wide ring
-- worn in alone or in
Sterling silver "S" -- a letter that stands
for "Sensational."
Silver .925 sterling
beads encircling your
toe. Very attractive in
combination sets.
sterling silver S design in sized toe ring
wide full-circle sterling silver toe ring
sterling silver sweetheart in sized toe ring
sized sterling silver modeled butterfly toe ring
Like a swim in the ocean--a wave in
sterling silver.
A bold statement with a wide .925
sterling silver ring.
Wide sterling silver ring --
worn in combination with
other rings or by itself.
Become somebody's sweetheart with
this sterling silver delicately-designed
Don't let this .925 sterling
silver butterfly fly away.
sterling silver beads in sized toe ring
hammered narrow .925 full-circle toe ring
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Sterling silver butterfly
Sterling silver wide band
Sterling silver wave
Sterling silver bold
Sterling silver sweetheart
Sterling silver narrow silver
Sterling silver "s"
Sterling silver hammered narrow band
Sterling silver beads
Sterling silver wide band