sized delicate lace toe ring  in .925 sterling silver
solid heart pattern in sized sterling silver toe ring
full-circle sterling silver ribbon toe ring
sized hawaiian lei in sterling silver toe ring
Just like a present for your toe, tied
with a lovely sterling silver ribbon.
A beautiful lei of lovely flowers --
beautiful complex design in .925
sterling silver.
Dainty flowers circling in a
.925 sterling silver full-circle
diamond-cut leaves in sterling silver toe ring
sterling silver band with intertwined gold beads in sized toe ring
A wrap-around sterling silver ring
decorated with delicate diamond-cut
leaves.Also available in 14K gold.
Unusual .925 sterling silver
rope with gold beaded wire
encircling the rope.
full-circle diamond-cut wire in sterling silver toe ring
full-circle beaded band as .925 sterling silver toe ring
Open lace work in sterling silver is sure
to please.
As solid as your relationship -- .925
sterling silver solid hearts.
Gorgeous diamond-cut
sterling silver ring,
that makes gold rings pop.
Sterling silver flat band -- sophisticated
and tailored.
Silver .925 sterling beads
encircling your toe; attractive in
3-mm flat sterling silver sized toe ring
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Sterling silver lace
Sterling silver solid hearts
Sterling silver glitter
Sterling silver flat band
Sterling silver beads
Sterling silver ribbon
Sterling silver Hawaiian lei
Sterling silver flowers
Sterling silver rope
Sterling silver leaf