14K gold band
14K yellow gold band.
Simplicity and elegant.
14K solid gold dazzler toe ring with full-circle cz's
14K Hearts and flowers in
diamond-cut forever ring -- a
14K gold beads in sized toe ring
Elegant Hawaiian leaf,
beautiful 14K diamond cut. A
forever ring.
14K diamond-cut ring.
tailored, Elegant,
14K delicate gold beads in
a full circle, outstanding
Breath-taking 14K yellow gold
eternity dazzler, with cz's. Also
available with diamonds.
hearts and flowers in solid 14K gold full-circle toe ring
14k solid gold diamond cut full-circle toe ring
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14 K Gold band
14 K Gold Hawaiian leaf
14 K Gold beads
14 K Gold Diamond cut
14 K Gold Eternity
14 K Gold Hearts and flowers
14K diamond-cut sized toe ring