Full-circle sized toe rings on five customers
Customer wearing bold gold and hawaiian gold rings on each foot
Sized 14K gold hawaiian lei toe ring on customer
.925 Sterling silver top-adjustable toe ring
Hammered 14K gold-filled full circle ring
14K gold-filled hawaiian sized toe ring
Sterling silver crossed hearts
Sterling silver full-circle beaded toe ring
14K Yellow gold diamond cut full-circle leaf
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Welcome to 1 Ringy Dingy

We invite you to check out our site and see our
beautiful sized, full-circle toe and pinky rings. The rings
are 14K solid gold, 14K gold-filled, and .925 sterling

I know that once you wear them, you will never go back
to the open-back rings again.
Comfort is the key!

Take a look at the wide selection of styles and contact
me if you have any questions. I'd love to hear from you!